LXGNDXRY Honors BRXVEHEARTS With New Collection

What is adversity? How does one overcome it?


The universe brought ideas, energies, and great souls together on a sunny Tuesday afternoon. As I was headed out towards Downtown LA for a photo shoot, I couldn’t contain my excitement, a good time full of opportunity was in my near future. The shoot was for up and rising lifestyle brand, LXGNDXRY; I have kept solid relationships the creators of the brand, Aaron Garcia, Ricardo and Eric Cachua, I didn’t know what to expect just yet. Upon my arrival, I greeted familiar faces and kept vigilant eyes on the hustle and bustle Aaron, Ricardo and Eric were dealing with. I couldn’t help but think how grateful one must feel to have sought out an idea and made it come to life.


I stopped for some small talk with Aaron and he let me know the meaning behind their latest collection, BRXVEHEART. The inspiration came from co-founder, Ricardo Cachua, and his story of triumph. The 23 year-old young visionary’s life took a turn for the worse on April 23, 2012, when he was diagnosed with Testicular cancer. Ricardo’s life quickly spiraled out of his control; he chose to do what he does best, FIGHT. He fought through depression, but most importantly, he fought through adversity. He maintained a BRXVEHEART, just like every soldier, just like every one of us fighting. As I watched Ricardo that afternoon I couldn’t help but think of how many souls his story will touch; it made me realize how many of us carry battle scars with us often not knowing that they hold so much value. LXGNDXRY aspires to inspire; founded by 2 gems from Santa Ana, CA, the team holds their own, while seeking ways to impact the world with their work. I have nothing but love for the team, and hope to see the collective rise to the top.

In honor of World Cancer Day, the LXGNDXRY team released their BRXVEHEART collection, check it out down below; to support the cause click here.


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